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Woombie Baby Swaddle Convertible – White

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  • Cotton Spandex
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Designed by an RN BSN and Nursing team; expands up to 18 months to fit your baby’s growing needs, ensuring sound sleep at each milestone; patented design
  • 5 STAGES OF GROWTH: Eliminates the need to purchase several swaddles and wearable baby blankets; grows into 3 multi-sized swaddle variations; further evolves into a large/extra-large, arms-free sleeper
  • SELF-SOOTHING: Encourages back sleeping and eases the transition from womb to the world; the stretchy but snug fit moves “with” the baby, recreating a womb-like environment and simulating the feeling of being held, touched, and cuddled
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: The cotton/spandex fabric promotes gentle airflow; the design is hip and shoulder-friendly; the narrowed waistline gently compresses the tummy, providing additional comfort for your baby
  • EASY TO USE: No origami required, this easy to use one-step baby swaddle will not unravel as a blanket can; a two-way zipper allows for easy diaper changes

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