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Unique Party- Blank DIY Pinata

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  • 1 Blank DIY Pull String Pinata
  • Create-Your-Own Pinata measures 45cm high x 48cm wide (18″ x 19″) and can hold up to 900g (2lbs) of sweets and small party favours
  • Have guests pull one of the dangling pull strings to find the one that unleashes the goodies (sold separately)
  • This pop-out pinata ships flat, but expands to 10cm (4”) deep for a birthday party, Mexican party, or other themed celebration
  • Coordinate with other solid colour party supplies and party decorations from Unique Party

JMD $3,450.00


Create your own themed decoration with our Blank DIY Pinata. Simply affix your choice of round foil balloon to the front of this drum-style, and you have a custom-made pinata game! This DIY pinata has festive streamers in primary colours and is ready to fill with up to 900g (2 lbs) of sweets and party bag fillers (sold separately). A new twist on the classic game, this nifty pull pinata lets guests take turns pulling 1 of 12 strings to see which one releases the treats inside.


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