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Table Tennis Game Ping Pong Set

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  • AGES 8+
  •  Physical development
  • Coordination
  • Social skills
  • Active play

JMD $2,300.00

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You don’t have to buy a huge ping pong table to play your favorite table tennis game! With this table tennis set children can play this classic active game on almost any table! Table Tennis Game Ping Pong Set for Kids lets you play anywhere – on the kitchen table, on the table in the park, on the coffee table on your knees, or on the outside table in the backyard. Table Tennis Game Ping Pong Set for Kids comes with 2 tennis paddles, 2 ping pong balls, 2 net posts, and a net. Easy to set up and takedown, this ping pong set will bring hours of active fun for kids and their friends, and even the whole family.


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