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Summer Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower (Blue)

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Motorized Baby Bath Shower with ergonomic shaped handle
4 Stages to grow with baby:
Stage 1: Updated plastic newborn bath sling fits easily in sink
Stage 2: Bath sling fits in toddler tub with shower unit outside
Stage 3: Toddler tub with shower unit for growing babies
Stage 4: Removable shower unit for extended use in adult tub

JMD $14,375.00


The Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower is the only tub parents will need from infancy through toddler ages. The tub has four stages that grow with your child to make bath time easier and more convenient for both parent and baby. A portable motorized shower unit provides a gentle rinse spray that can be used long after your child transitions to an adult tub.


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