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Smithsonian 150x, 450x, and 900x Microscope Kit

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  • 900x plastic microscope with LED illumination
  • 1 scalpel
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 stirring rod
  • 1 tweezers
  • 1 test tube with cap
  • 1 petri dish
  • 1 pipette
  • 2 specimen vials
  • 3 prepared slides
  • 6 blank slides
  • 8 slide labels
  • 8 slide covers
  • 1 storage case for the slides and detailed instructions

JMD $11,385.00


The Smithsonian 150x/450x/900x Microscope Kit allows kids to see objects in extreme close-up detail. It’s a fun way to get children interested in science and discovering the world around them. This kids’ microscope kit includes various tools for collecting specimens, such as a scalpel, a pair of tweezers and a spatula and also comes with a petri dish, blank slides and labels for viewing and organizing subjects. It also includes a storage case for the slides and detailed instructions to get you started. This Smithsonian 150x/450x/900x makes a wonderful gift allowing your little scientist to experience, observe, learn and explore more about biology, bacteriology and histology and includes everything necessary for a child to be introduced to science and get started dissecting specimens. It gives children exposure that can plant an all-important seed for future curiosity and academic pursuit in the sciences.


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