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Pool Noodles – 48″/1.22m Aqua Bones

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• Flexible, non-chafing foam and deformable POM

• Provides additional buoyancy when placed under armpits

• Floating aid for performing aquatic exercise and pool play

• Specially designed for developing water confidence

• Stays in any shape you bend it

• Bendable bones that make a loud, cracking sounds!

• Great for floating, splashing, making waves or even exercising

• A fun imaginative way to play in the pool this summer


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Aqua Bones are a fun, shapeable pool noodle by Bestway ! Bend and twist Aqua Bones into any shape and they will hold their form. Specially designed for developing water confidence, they can also be used for exercising in the water. Made with bendable bones that crack when you bend them, they are great for floating or splashing in the water. Aqua Bones are the most imaginative way to play or exercise in the pool this summer!


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