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Nickelodeon Slime Frozen Treats Slime

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Kids who like making slime and playing with pretend food will have fun creating slime that looks like favorite frozen treats. Making the slime is easy and fast, which will be good for kids who are eager to play with the slime. They’ll like the scents and textures, and that there are different types of slimes that they can make with just one 

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Make slime that looks good enough to eat with the Nickelodeon Slime Frozen Treats Slime kit. This includes the tools kids need and instructions for making four different types of yummy-looking and yummy-smelling slimes. You can make snow cone slime, mashing together crunchy cherry slime and crunchy blueberry slime; Pink Soft Serve or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Slime; and Berry Smoothie Slime. There are even decorative cups that kids can put their slime in to help make it look more like the real thing.


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