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Llama Secret Diary with Passcode Lock

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  • Secret diary with passcode lock – keep your secrets and big dreams inside this lock diary. Perfect for journaling, drawing, coloring on daily life. Encourage kids to write funny and memorable things happen every day.
  • Invisible ink pen with Blacklight on top – write secret messages with the invisible ink pen that only you can reveal with the black light. Push the blacklight button to reveal your secret message. Ball pen on the other end for regular writing and drawing.
  • Passcode lock – the passcode lock is simple and easy to use. How to open: slide down the 3 button code, then slide the center latch to the right to release the lock. How to lock: slide the center latch to the left, then close the cover; slide all code buttons up.
  • Features – Compact size perfect for school days, road trips and to hide under a pillow. Durable hardcover provides extra support for writing anywhere and anytime. 140+ blank and lined pages with date space on top of each page.
  • Design – All girls love cute llama, sloth, and narwhal. All girls will love the pink-colored pages and design. Research finds that the pink color is most popular for girls.


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