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Giggles My Pet Puppy

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  • Funny walking action with moving legs.
  • Rotatable tail and Sniffing head action
  • Encourages walking
  • Develops motor skills

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A Fun Companion

Bring home a new pet for your kids to play and interact with. This life-like sniffy dog will keep them engaged for long hours. Your kids can slowly learn to take care of things while engaging with this toy.

Develops Motoring Skills

This toy dog is adept at both entertaining and educating your kids. Your kids will gradually begin learning about motoring and navigating skills while playing with it.

Visually Appealing

This sniffy dog is very eye-catching with its visually appealing features. The life-like tail and sniffing action will generate massive excitement and joy among your children.

Safe to Play With

The dog toy is completely safe for kids to play with. It does not contain any harmful component and is non- toxic in nature. Your kids will have a quality time with this sniffy dog at home.

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