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Eva Mats Puzzle Series

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  • STIMULATING: The bright colors and puzzle-like nature of the foam floor tiles help the development of your child’s early cognitive skills.
  • EDUCATIONAL: The shapes of the ABC floor mat help them learn the alphabet and numbers while playing.
  • PROTECTIVE FLOORING: A baby plays mat with durable, high-density foam providing a thick yet gentle surface to protect your child in areas with hard floors.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Pieces are simple to assemble and can be quickly pulled apart for storage. The baby mat material is easy to clean and disinfect.

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Easy to Assemble, Easy to clean with damp cloth and Soap. Interlocking feature and lightweight make it very simple to assemble, in a wide range of engaging colors that stimulate children’s development while enjoying their play space![Educational & Fun] The Number and Letters Mat is designed for children to learn while enjoying their playtime! Bright and colorful letters & numbers puzzle play mats stimulate Kid’s minds to develop their brain through interactive activities! Develop your Kid’s motor skills, hand and eye coordination, balance, stability, logic, and visual sensory development system![Multi Colored Vibrant Puzzle Mat] Can be used to create words, numbers, and 3D shapes! Excellent for Children to connect on the floor to create a fun and safe play area![Safe, Durable, Soft, and Fun] Made from EVA Foam, cushioned for extra added comfort![Safe, Durable, Soft, and Fun] Made from EVA Foam, cushioned for extra added comfort!

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