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Badminton Set with Carry Bag

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  • 2 Rackets
  • 2 Shuttlecocks
  • 1 Case

JMD $2,070.00

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Perfect for summer nights, spring afternoons or fall evenings, This 2 Player Badminton Set complements any environment by adding enjoyable, engaging badminton competition. Transform backyards, front yards, local parks or meadows into playing fields with fun addition of badminton matches and watch children, siblings, uncles, aunts, neighbors and friends laugh and enjoy games of badminton. Complete set contains two official size badminton rackets. The rackets have soft grip handles for easy grip and comfortable play that participants of all ages can enjoy. Successfully transport 2 Player Badminton Set through use of enclosed carry bag and take hours of outdoor interaction to vacation settings, homes of family members or even just down the street.It also includes 2 Shuttlecocks!


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