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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I confirm shipment of orders I received before I signed up for Charge When Ship?

Orders placed before you had charge when ship functionality will not have a cancel button in manage Orders, and they will not appear on the unshipped orders report. Buyers have already been charged for those orders once they appear as “payment complete” in your account. You will never have to confirm shipment for those orders.

For orders you received prior to enrolling in charge when shipped, you should continue to send your own notifications if you have already been sending e-mail notifications to buyers when you ship orders.

For new orders you receive after your account is enabled for charge when shipped, you must not send buyers shipment notifications. Instead, confirm these orders using the button in manage orders or using a feed. will notify buyers of shipments confirmed through charge when shipped, because it is a better buyer experience to receive a single shipping notification.

Note that if you do happen to confirm shipment of an order you received before you had charge when Ship functionality, we will display the shipping details in the buyer’s account, but we won’t send an e-mail notification to the buyer. Therefore, please continue to send those notifications for orders you received before you had charge when ship functionality.

What happens if we don't ship within 2 days?

If you don’t confirm shipment of an order within 2 business days, we automatically send late shipment e-mail notifications to you and to the customer. If the order is still not confirmed as shipped after 25 days, we send you another notification, reminding you to confirm the shipment. After 30 days, we cancel the order and send you and the customer notification of the cancellation. If you know you cannot fulfill an order on time, be sure to cancel it immediately so we can notify the customer. It is important to show this consideration to customers so they can decide whether to purchase the product elsewhere.

About Us

Child’s Play is one of Jamaica’s leading and largest dedicated child and juvenile toy retailer. It is a “one-of-a-kind” store that offers quality merchandise in various price categories with a differentiated shopping experience.